35th Annual Dubya World Vet MX Championships


        Thursday, October 31st         GATES OPEN        2pm-8pm

                                                          REGISTRATION     2pm-5pm

        Friday, November 1st             GATES OPEN         6am-10pm

                                                          WORLD VET MX VINTAGE RACE REGISTRATION (Vet Track Tower)       6:30am                                                                           New! Race on Friday             WORLD VET MX VINTAGE CHAMPIONSHIP RACE (Vet Track)        9am
                                                          WORLD VET PRACTICE (National Track)        9am-1pm

                                                          WORLD VET MX CHAMPIONSHIP REGISTRATION (National Tower)      1pm-5pm


        Saturday, November 2nd       GATES OPEN           6am-9pm

                                                          REGISTRATION        6am-6pm

                                                          WORLD VET MX CHAMPIONSHIPS        8am

                                                                  Amateur Day 1 -Qualifying (for Sunday Gate Pick)        8am-4:30pm

                                                                  Pro Race 40+ Moto 1        10am

                                                                  Pro Race 50+ Moto 1        12pm

                                                                  Pro Race 40+ Moto 2        1pm

                                                                  Pro Race 50+ Moto 2        2pm


        Sunday, November 3rd          GATES OPEN        5:30am

                                                          REGISTRATION        6am

                                                          WORLD VET MX CHAMPIONSHIPS        7:30am

                                                                  Amateur Racing        7am-4:30pm

                                               New!         1st Annual Dubya World Vet Cup of Nations Moto 1        9:30am

                                                                  Pro Race 30+ Moto 1        10:30am

                                                                  Edison Dye Award Presentation (In Museum)        12pm

                                               New!         1st Annual Dubya World Vet Cup of Nations Moto 2        1pm

                                                                  Pro Race 30+ Moto 2        2pm


Note: All amateur race schedules will be posted by October 15th


Host Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn

1755 S. Waterman Ave

San Bernardino, CA 92408

                                 (909) 806-4040 / Special Rate Code: CDUBYA

    Hotel Website




Sunday, November 3, 2019

Glen Helen Raceway and Dubya are proud to announce the 1st Annual World Vet Cup of Nations – REPRESENT YOUR COUNTRY!!!

The race will be run in conjunction with the 2019 Dubya World Vet MX Championships – This event will give you the opportunity to represent your country with teammates.  Each country will be allowed up to 3 teams consisting of 3 members- each team must have a 30+, 40+, and 50+ rider on the team. These 3 riders can be of any skill level. The event will be a 2-moto format with both motos racing on Sunday. The 1st moto at 9:30am and 2nd moto at 1pm. Each team will line up on the start gate in their age group 30+ on 1st Gate, 40+ on 2nd Gate, and 50+ on 3rd Gate. Riders will all receive race bibs indicating the country they represent colored to indicate their age group. The scoring will be based on all three riders and both motos with the lowest score of the two-moto format determining the winning team and country.

Teams must apply and be accepted for each country. Applications will be available online by July 1st and must be received by August 31st. Click here for application. To represent your country, you must be a citizen of that country. The World Vet Cup of Nations committee will review all applications and inform you by September 15, 2019 of your acceptance. Once accepted, you will be required to register and pay by September 30th to hold your spot. The fee once accepted is $100 per team or $50 for an individual. This World Cup Trophy (photo below) will be awarded to the winner and have your name and country engraved on the trophy.  The Trophy will be displayed at the Glen Helen Museum throughout the year. Each winner will also receive a commemorative medallion.

If you do not have enough riders to make up a team to represent your country, you can still apply and the committee will attempt to combine applicants from the same country to make up a team.

We look forward to seeing all of you at Glen Helen Raceway November 1-3.

Bud Feldkamp commissioned this silver trophy, made in England, for the World Cup in 2002.
This cup will be engraved each year with the winning teams names and country and displayed in a glass case in the Glen Helen Museum.